Alexander Green is a designer based in New York City.

Today I work in the finance industry, building a product for diverse groups of users to access and improve
documentation for the complex applications they share.
And here's some unrelated motivation. 🎉

Investment Banking

Today I work at a leading investment bank as an Senior Analyst.

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I previously worked at Scalr, an enterprise cloud management platform. We help enterprises deploy applications to the cloud faster by solving four common problems companies have at scale: governance, agility, user productivity, and financial controls.

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Digital Asset Dashboard

Over the first half of 2017, I built a platform for digital assets and cryptocurrencies . This project was a dashboard for viewing digital assets, handling the algorithmic trading of Ether, Bitcoin, and Litecoin, and mining lower tier digital currencies. The dashboard is built on React and Node.js, trading strategies are run serverless in AWS Lambda. Started in July 2017, and project was completed in September 2017. The project no longer mines currencies or completes trades.

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Patron NYC

My previous project was Patron, a Facebook Messenger bot and web app for bar reccomendations in NYC. Search by borough, price, and bar type. Built on Node.js, Botkit, and uses MongoDB as the database.

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What I'm Good With

A few of my favorite things.


I'm a full stack web developer. On the front end, I'm split between Angular 1 and React. On the back end, I prefer Node.js, though I've built many products with Rails. For hosting I use AWS (like everyone else) or Google Cloud Platform. For apps that don't require a massive amount of refactoring, I use Docker containers, deployed to Kubernetes in production.

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I've designed logos, branding, press kits, solution briefs, posters, marketing collateral and ads. Anything that a startup has needed, from a user interface to the user manual, I've designed it. I'm a photographer too - but that's another story.

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I've been published in online magazines, contributed for Tech Insider, and used to run the Scalr Blog and the Scalr Weekly newsletter. I wrote case studies, tutorials on open-source tools for developers and product updates on our cloud management platform. Scalr Weekly featured news about the cloud industry and was used to maintain brand awareness and build technicality credibility with the user base that we sought to engage.

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Let's Talk

Feel free to shoot me an email anytime, and check out my portfolio .