Alexander Green is a product manager based in NYC.

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About Me

My name is Alexander Green. I graduated from the University of Scranton in 2015 with a degree in Strategic Communications (a blend of Marketing, Advertising, and PR skillsets). After graduating I wanted to work in tech, so while teaching myself how to code I consulted (design, writing, and photography work) under the name Alexander & Company. I had the opportunity to work on logos, branding, press kits, solution briefs, posters, marketing collateral, ads, and more.

Once my web development and UX skills improved, I got a tech internship which eventually led to my role today. In that intersection of skills and jobs, I found my passion - product design and management.

As a product manager, I believe in creating highly functional, beautiful products that improve the lives and productivity of every user. I’ve had an odd journey in my short career, but I believe it’s given me a broader perspective on how to craft the lasting relationships between products and their people.


Goldman Sachs  •  New York City   Product Manager - Associate  
2019 - Present

Goldman Sachs  •  New York City   Product Manager - Senior Analyst  
2017 - 2019

Scalr  •  New York City   Technical Marketing Analyst  
2016 - 2017

Count.It Labs  •  New York City   Full Stack Engineer (Internship)  

Freelance  •  New York City   Full Stack Engineer
2015 - Present

University of Scranton  •  Strategic Communications, B.A.   
2011 - 2015

Financial Services


Today I work at an investment bank , building a product for diverse groups of users to access and improve information for the complex applications they share. I can’t speak on it more than that, but it’s one of the best challenges I’ve had for designing a clean, friendly product.


Product Management
Product Strategy
Visual & UX design
Data Analysis + Analytics
Internal Marketing
Full Stack Engineering

Technology + Tools

Note: I can't discuss what specific tools/technology I use.



I previously worked on the Marketing team at Scalr, an enterprise cloud management platform. The core of our mission was increasing the number and quality of leads to hand over to our Sales team. How we did that was through social media, email campaigns, diverse ads, an informative and convincing site, and content curation.

I wrote case studies, tutorials on open-source tools for developers, and product updates on our cloud management platform. Scalr Weekly, a weekly newsletter I worked on, featured news about the cloud industry and was used to maintain brand awareness and build technicality credibility with our target user base. Learn More →


Visual Design
Marketing Communications (Email, Social Media, Product demos)
Design Strategy
Content Creation
Graphic Design

Technology + Tools

Hubspot - Marketing
Affinity Designer - Design work



Over the first half of 2017, I built a platform for digital assets and cryptocurrencies . This project was a dashboard for viewing digital assets, handling the algorithmic trading of Ether, Bitcoin, and Litecoin, and mining lower tier digital currencies. The dashboard is built on React and Node.js, trading strategies are run serverless in AWS Lambda. Started in July 2017, and project was completed in September 2017. The project no longer mines currencies or completes trades. Check It Out →


Product Design + Management
Full Stack Engineering

Technology + Tools

Coinbase, Kraken, & Coindesk APIs

Count.It Labs


The internship where I really learned to code. As part of a 3 person engineering team, we built a corporate wellness web application, which enabled you to create a leaderboard of your friends fitness activities, regardless of the device they used (e.g. Fitbit, Strava, Garmin, Google Health, Apple Health).

I worked on the total UX/UI redesign for web & mobile, a robust email notification system based on complex logic around user, team, company and regional stats. Lastly, built out a Slack bot integration that pulled compiled stats from our database or raw stats from the individual fitness tracker APIs and served it to the user. Visit the site →


Full Stack Developer
Web Designer

Technology + Tools

Angular 1
Ruby on Rails

Patron NYC


My first attempt at a consumer facing web product was Patron, a Facebook Messenger bot and web app for bar recommendations in NYC. The goal was a product that the end user would find interesting enough to try, and gain something from. Search by borough, price, and bar type. Read The Blog Post →


Product Design
Web App Design
Messenger Bot Code + Designs (Logic + language)
Visual Design

Technology + Tools

Angular 1